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FLSD19014 detail
1. SHARP 4W COB LED Light; 2. High quality optical reflector; 3. IP44, suitable for exterior eave light; 4. CNC process aluminum; Inquiry price

Technical Parameters

1. Production specification: 

Light source:


Color temperature:

2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K

Light Intensity:




Bean angle:












Optical lens:

Clear glass

IP Rating




2. Feature:

(1)  SHARP 4W COB LED, suitable for dimmable or non-dimmable Constant current driver;

(2)  Quality insurance CNC process aluminum frame, with texture treatment;

(3)  High quality optical reflector, offering uniformity lighting;

(4)  Cold forge aluminum heat sink, excellent in heat dissipation;

(5)  IP44, Suitable for exterior eave light or yacht lighting;

(6)  Simple and compact light structure, high heat dissipation cold forge aluminum heat sink;

3. Application: 

(1) Hotel lobby lighting, 

(2) Kitchen lighting, 

(3) Bathroom lighting, 

(4) LED light under the eave, 

(5) Shopping mall LED light,

(6) Yacht LED lighting,

(7) Outdoor corridor light,

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  • FLSD19014 setting
  • FLSD19014 setting
  • FLSD19014 setting

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